Interactive Security and Facility Supervision Solutions
The Trouble With Trailer Parking

Many truck yards rent or lease parking spaces to other companies.  This can provide a great source of extra revenue with unused spaces.  However, when the charges for these parking spaces accumulate on a timed basis, it can become problematic for truck yard supervisors to ensure that renters are following the rules, and that time used and overages are accounted for in the billing.  Often, this means that someone has to physically count trailers, make note of when they leave or when they arrive, and ensure that they are parking in the right spaces.  This takes time, but it’s a necessary part of the process.

At Birdseye, we have a solution to these time-consuming issues.  When a Birdseye security solution is installed in your facility, Dedicated Agents are watching your yard 24/7.  They are already making note of who’s coming and going, watching for damage, safety equipment use, and more.  It’s not a difficult thing to have them report on when trailers park, how long they stay, and when they leave.  If a trailer is parked in the wrong place, they can provide instructions via Voice-Down™ to drivers and document all interactions.

Using Agents reports on trailer parking, length of stay, and other activities, the yard supervisor can avoid the need to have their already-busy staff performing these tasks.  This frees up their time to be more productive, and you have the surety of knowing that you are billing your time-based rental parking accurately.  All overages are recorded, and proper pro-rating can be billed accordingly. Since all footage is recorded, if there is a dispute, your Agent can provide you video evidence of the presence of a trailer, inappropriate behavior by guest drivers, or trailers parked in the wrong spots.  It’s hard for anyone to argue with video evidence!

Renters tend to be much more courteous when they know they are being watched.  This results in less issues with improper parking, driver littering, or other issues that can disrupt your yard.

Many of our customers utilize their Agents in this way, and have reported excellent results.  They are now confident of accuracy when invoicing for spaces rented, and to know exactly what’s going on in their yard.

We understand how these seemingly small details can affect the bottom line of any business.  Birdseye can help you to ensure that your found revenue source isn’t a source of extra pain.