Inspection Enforcement Pre-trip and post-trip inspections are a vital checkpoint in any truck yard.  Ensuring that the vehicle is performing properly, there are no lights broken or burnt out, tires are properly filled and undamaged, and the many other fine details included in this inspection not only ensures that the load will arrive safely, that the driver/company not incur unnecessary fines or issues.  Inspections are a huge risk-aversion activity.  Unfortunately, many drivers do not perform complete or thorough inspections, and it can be difficult to prove after the fact if this activity is not monitored. Birdseye understands the importance of these inspections, and our Agents are trained to monitor these types of activities.   They watch the driver while they proceed with the inspection.  They make sure that the driver checks all important areas, and they time the length of the inspection.  If an inspection is only a few minutes long - they know that chances are good that this has not been a complete and thorough inspection.  Enforcement of proper inspection can happen in several ways.
  1. Agents can use our  Voice-Down™ two-way interactive communication to inform the driver that they need to properly complete their inspection.  Drivers realize they are being observed, and tend to make it a habit to perform thorough inspections when they know they are monitored.
  2. Denying exit access at the gate.  Agents will inform the driver that they are not cleared to exit the facility until they properly complete their vehicle inspection.  Upon confirmation of proper completion, the driver will be granted access to leave the facility and continue with their delivery.
Proper pre-trip and post-trip inspections can be the difference between a ticket or accident, and the load arriving on time and undamaged.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing every inspection is done properly.