Interactive Security and Facility Supervision Solutions
Pre and Post-Trip Inspections

Damage caught in inspection


Pre and post-trip inspections can be the most important part of a trip.  If there are issues with tires, seals, lights, or other equipment, this is the best time for them to be caught.  If your driver is already on the road when he finds out his taillights is out, it can be frustrating and costly.  However, with many trucks coming and going from the truck yard, it can be almost impossible to ensure that all drivers complete thorough circle check inspections.  At least, that was the case in the past until Birdseye came up with a solution.

When you hire a dedicated Birdseye Agent (installation of security cameras and speakers included), you are not getting just a security guard, but a site supervisor as well. They are trained to observe all activity in the yard, provide detailed written reports, and intervene where necessary.

All circle checks should be observed and supervised carefully. If they happen to be anything less than the best practices you are trying to enforce, your dedicated Birdseye Agent could politely remind drivers that they are being observed using loud speakers (aka Voice-Down™). This is an excellent way to ensure that drivers aren’t rushing thought their inspections. Company’s Safety and Compliance Personnel can even go as far as to instruct your dedicated Birdseye Agent to not allow facility entry or exit unless inspections are completed as per your protocols. Voice-Down™ can be used to enforce other company guidelines such as the requirement for safety boots and safety vests.

When they know they are being carefully observed, drivers get into the habit of doing thorough inspections.  They quickly realize that each time they rush through their inspection will cause them to be spoken to by the Birdseye Dedicated Agent via the loudspeaker, or on-site management. Safety and Compliance Reports provided by Dedicated Birdseye Agent include time, date, inspection duration and other important details of your choice.

Truck and trailer inspections are vitally important and therefore increase your company’s risk when improperly performed. Birdseye not only helps ensure that circle checks are thoroughly completed, but also helps enforce other important company rules and regulations that management may requires assistance with.