FREE Security Equipment With New Installations Do you need a fresh security equipment installation? Or do you want to completely replace your old equipment with new?


Security equipment is an expensive but necessary cost of doing business. What if you could save the cost in equipment fees AND save money on live guard rates? Birdseye Security understands that most businesses can't afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars without cutting somewhere else. Our solution is to eliminate these costs for our clients altogether. We will provide you with $70,000 worth of equipment, FREE, included with your hourly Dedicated Live Agent monitoring fee. No hidden fees, no up-front costs.


Before you wonder if this means the Live Agent Monitoring fee is going to break the bank, prepare to be shocked! We guarantee that our rates will save you 20-25% of the hourly cost of a live guard in your facility - and provide you with much more than one man on the ground can do.


Contact us for a quote today.