Remote Site Solutions

Remote sites can be problematic in terms of security.  Often, the use of security guards is not feasible - but this does not eliminate the need for constant surveillance.  Oil rigs, remote temporary parking locations, construction site builds, and many other types of sites may be difficult to access or have dangerous features that make having live guards on site a risk.

Birdseye Solutions  mobile surveillance trailers are an excellent alternative  on difficult and remote job sites.  With these trailers, we can provide all the services of our 24/7 Dedicated Agents utilizing Voice-Down™.   They will monitor your site and provide reports on all activity.  Agents will follow your protocols to act appropriately in all situations, providing you with peace of mind regarding potentially vulnerable job sites.

Trailers are not required to be hooked into a power grid - they are entirely self-sufficient.  This allows for maximum adaptability for your security and surveillance needs at any remote site.  For more information about our mobile surveillance solutions, please contact us.