Preventing Incidents In Real-Time Incidents and accidents happen in all types of facilities.  Often, these incidents could have been prevented with supervision.  Preventing accidents is preferable to dealing with the consequences after they occur.  Unfortunately, it's not usually realistic for every activity in your facility to supervised at all times. Or is it? Birdseye's Dedicated Agents can change the game.  With Birdseye's security solutions in place, your Dedicated Agent is already watching your facility, 24/7.  They have the ability to watch many places at once, and are specifically trained to watch for opportunities to prevent incidents and accidents.  Empowered with our Voice-Down™ two-way communication, they can immediately alert employees to potential issues that could occur.  Armed with your safety policies and protocols, they can advise employees to wear safety equipment, change course or direction, utilize tools properly, or any other behavior that will prevent incidents - and the liability involved.  Your Agent can be your eyes and ears, and prevent messy clean-ups or injuries that come after the accident.