Interactive Security and Facility Supervision Solutions

Damage caught in inspection   Pre and post-trip inspections can be the most important part of a trip.  If there are issues with tires, seals, lights, or other equipment, this is the best time for them to be caught.  If your driver is already on the road when he finds out his taillights is out, it can be frustrating and costly.  However, with many trucks coming and going from the truck yard, it can be almost impossible to ensure that all drivers complete thorough circle check inspections.  At least, that was the case in the past until Birdseye came up with a solution. When you hire a dedicated Birdseye Agent (installation of security cameras and speakers included), you are not getting just a security guard, but a site supervisor as well. They are trained to observe all activity in the yard, provide detailed written reports, and intervene where necessary. All circle checks should be observed and supervised carefully. If they happen to be anything less than the best practices you are trying to enforce, your dedicated Birdseye Agent could politely remind drivers that they are being observed using loud speakers (aka Voice-Down™). This is an excellent way to ensure that drivers aren’t rushing thought their inspections. Company's Safety and Compliance Personnel can even go as far as to instruct your dedicated Birdseye Agent to not allow facility entry or exit unless inspections are completed as per your protocols. Voice-Down™ can be used to enforce other company guidelines such as the requirement for safety boots and safety vests. When they know they are being carefully observed, drivers get into the habit of doing thorough inspections.  They quickly realize that each time they rush through their inspection will cause them to be spoken to by the Birdseye Dedicated Agent via the loudspeaker, or on-site management. Safety and Compliance Reports provided by Dedicated Birdseye Agent include time, date, inspection duration and other important details of your choice. Truck and trailer inspections are vitally important and therefore increase your company’s risk when improperly performed. Birdseye not only helps ensure that circle checks are thoroughly completed, but also helps enforce other important company rules and regulations that management may requires assistance with.   

Many truck yards rent or lease parking spaces to other companies.  This can provide a great source of extra revenue with unused spaces.  However, when the charges for these parking spaces accumulate on a timed basis, it can become problematic for truck yard supervisors to ensure that renters are following the rules, and that time used and overages are accounted for in the billing.  Often, this means that someone has to physically count trailers, make note of when they leave or when they arrive, and ensure that they are parking in the right spaces.  This takes time, but it’s a necessary part of the process. At Birdseye, we have a solution to these time-consuming issues.  When a Birdseye security solution is installed in your facility, Dedicated Agents are watching your yard 24/7.  They are already making note of who’s coming and going, watching for damage, safety equipment use, and more.  It’s not a difficult thing to have them report on when trailers park, how long they stay, and when they leave.  If a trailer is parked in the wrong place, they can provide instructions via Voice-Down™ to drivers and document all interactions. Using Agents reports on trailer parking, length of stay, and other activities, the yard supervisor can avoid the need to have their already-busy staff performing these tasks.  This frees up their time to be more productive, and you have the surety of knowing that you are billing your time-based rental parking accurately.  All overages are recorded, and proper pro-rating can be billed accordingly. Since all footage is recorded, if there is a dispute, your Agent can provide you video evidence of the presence of a trailer, inappropriate behavior by guest drivers, or trailers parked in the wrong spots.  It’s hard for anyone to argue with video evidence! Renters tend to be much more courteous when they know they are being watched.  This results in less issues with improper parking, driver littering, or other issues that can disrupt your yard. Many of our customers utilize their Agents in this way, and have reported excellent results.  They are now confident of accuracy when invoicing for spaces rented, and to know exactly what’s going on in their yard. We understand how these seemingly small details can affect the bottom line of any business.  Birdseye can help you to ensure that your found revenue source isn’t a source of extra pain.

Risk management flow chart on paper   In large facilities, accident can happen in the blink of an eye.  Someone not watching, employees rushing, people using tools or equipment inappropriately – all can be sources of unnecessary accidents.   The damage caused can be expensive, and often bring productivity to a halt while these incidents are dealt with.   What if there was a better way?   As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  What if you could prevent some of these accidents before they even happened?  If that idea catches your interest, you’re going to love what we’re going to tell you. Birdseye’s Dedicated Agents can help you prevent accidents before they happen.  How?  Your dedicated Agent is supervising all aspects of your facility 24/7.  Unlike passive monitoring services that can only show you what’s happened in the past, our active supervision incorporates two-way communication, and the ability for our Agents to pro-actively become involved.  They are trained to watch not only for incidents that are occurring, but for circumstances that could LEAD to accidents.  This changes the game, and is the real value in active monitoring. Picture an employee improperly using a tool.  Your Agent knows how that tool should be used, and sees the potential for your employee to seriously injure themselves.   Using Voice-Down™, your Agent communicates politely to the employee to use the tool in a safe manner.  Without that active Agent intervention, that employee may have seriously injured themselves a few minutes later.     Is that driver backing that trailer up just a little too sharply?  Uh oh, he’s not paying attention on that side and is going to hit another trailer!  Our Agent quickly intervenes, using Voice-Down™ to alert the driver and allow him to correct course. These types of incidents occur on a daily basis in facilities everywhere.  Imagine the cost-savings reducing these types of unnecessary issues before they ever happen? At Birdseye, we firmly believe that accident prevention is preferable to accident reporting.  Wouldn’t you agree?    

Personal protective equipment   In any busy trucking facility, there are a lot of things happening at once.  The potential for accidents is always looming, and the best way to reduce the risk of injury when the inevitable happens is to ensure that everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment.   With the size of some truck yards, it’s almost impossible to see what every employee is doing or wearing at any given time. Without the ability to be everywhere at once, is there a way for a Site Supervisor to get a helping hand? The resounding answer is YES.  When Birdseye’s systems are installed in a facility, our Dedicated Agents are supervising all activity, 24/7.  They have the ability to see in many places at once, and in more than just a passive capacity.  If you provide us with your Safety Policies, our Agents will watch for infractions, and using Voice-Down™, will remind your employees to utilize proper protective equipment, or to follow safety procedures.  All infractions can be included in daily reports and supported by video evidence, providing you the evidence to deal with offenders appropriately. Knowing that Agents are observing their use of safety equipment, employees eventually get into the habit of always wearing it.  We have actually seen instances where an employee will remind a new person to wear their equipment even before Agents have the chance to voice them down.  Customers have reported a drastic reduction in the incidence of employees not following safety protocols, reducing their risk of injury.  A reduction of injury is a reduction in risk, and when safety inspectors or insurance adjusters visit, they love seeing a truck yard with every employee wearing PPE. Employees also appreciate the reminders! They know that this equipment keeps them safe, and rarely are they not using their PPE intentionally.  They value their safety too, and will appreciate that you are looking out for their welfare. When accidents happen, safety equipment can help prevent injuries, or even death.  Doesn’t it make sense to go the extra mile?  Birdseye’s facility supervision can be the most powerful tool in your safety enforcement arsenal.  Your insurers will like it too!  

truckworld logo Truckworld was an incredible show - and we had a great time.   It was an excellent opportunity to meet new people, and to talk to our current customers.  We even had a very special visitor to our booth - maybe you saw him too?   BSI_SOLUTIONS_BLACK-small The show was an amazing opportunity to touch base with our existing customers, and to meet some new faces.  We sincerely thank everyone who took a moment to stop by and chat with us.  For those who did not see our booth, or did not attend the show, here are a few pictures of our booth.   booth01   booth02