Birdseye's Beginnings

In 2005, we were looking for better ways to improve productivity and security for our growing computer company. While travelling between various parts of the retail business, we realized it was difficult for managers to keep tabs on everything, everyone, everywhere - especially when not physically present. Merchandise would be misplaced or would simply go missing, while overall staff efficiency would drop significantly with the absence of supervision.

Hiring more supervision wasn’t in the budget and highlighted the need for a different, radical solution. This is where the concept of virtual management was born!

Cameras were installed at various locations and initially watched by management. Data was collected and used to improve security and operations - with dramatic results. Shrinkage decreased greatly. Knowing that each interaction with the customers was observed and recorded, sales representatives delivered better customer service. Sales went up and costs went down. From this inspired beginning, a new service concept was born.

After several years of infrastructure development, rigorous field testing and proof of concept testing, 2012 marked the official launch of the Birdseye Solutions offerings to customers. Our comprehensive virtual security, operations, and administration assistance services have been keeping businesses safe and running more efficiently since that first day.

Today, Birdseye Solutions is one of the fastest growing Canadian companies focusing on virtual security, administrative, and operational improvement services. The company is headquartered in Toronto and operates across Canada, employing over one hundred employees to deliver maximum service, virtually.